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Selfishness Strangles the Growth of Friendship | Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12

Teman KOCO, yuk kita simak jawaban lagu Heal The World pada materi Chapter 11 Let’s Make a Better World for All di bawah ini. Setelah itu, kita akan sama-sama menjawab pertanyaan pada bagian Vocabulary Builder halaman 153, exercise halaman 155, serta writing halaman 157 mulai dari nomor 1, yakni Selfishness strangles the growth of friendship among us in this class, hingga nomor terakhir. Selamat menyimak!

2 jawaban Selfishness strangles the growth of friendship among us in this class. Materi Lets Make a Better World for All Bahasa Inggris kelas 12

Jawaban Vocabulary Builder Halaman 153

Task: Match the meaning.
Read the following list of words and their meaning. Check whether the words on the left match their meanings on the right. Identify two words which do not match their meanings. Correct them. Discuss your work with your chair-mate.

1. sorrow: e. a feeling of great sadness

2. bliss: b. perfect happiness or enjoyment

3. dread: c. to feel worried about something that is going to happen or may happen

4. conceive: d. imagine a particular situation that is going to happen or may happen

5. grace: a. polite and pleasant

6. strangle: f. to limit the growth or development of something

7. crucify: g. to kill someone by crucifying them to a cross

8. glow: h. a soft steady light

9. plain: i. very clear and easy to understand

10. entire: j. all of a group, period of time, amount, etc.

Jawaban Vocabulary Exercise Halaman 155

Task: Fill in the blanks.
Use the words in the box to complete the sentence. The first letter of the word is given as clue. Some words can be used more than once.

jawaban Selfishness strangles the growth of friendship among us in this class. Materi Lets Make a Better World for All Bahasa Inggris kelas 12

1. Selfishness strangles the growth of friendship among us in this class.

2. We will always remember the joys and sorrows that we have shared together during our community service that helped the victim of the landslide

3. My idea of bliss is lying on a reclining seat under a shady tree reading a good book surrounded by children who are reading their own books too.

4. The disaster has left nothing but the clothes that we are wearing. We are dread our future but optimistic because we will always help each other in difficult time like this.

5. The orange glow of the sunset at the beach is so mesmerizing that I cannot stop feeling grateful for having this amazingly beautiful country as my homeland.

6. The significance of preserving peace and harmony is plain. Everybody understands that. Only in peace, people can work for better future.

7. Greed and selfishness may crucified somebody’s soul that makes a person unaware of his or her surroundings. A greedy and selfish person will eventually live a lonely life because he or she cares for no one but himself or herself.

8. Let’s conceive of a city where most people ride bicycles to their work places and schools. Can our city be possibly like that? What do we need to do first?

9. My friend Lily is more mature than most of us. She always handles herself in grace by for instance avoiding any unnecessary arguments with us.

10. The days I spent in this school with my teachers and classmates have been the best moments in my entire life so far.

Jawaban Writing Halaman 157

Task 2: Do the comprehension questions.
Read again the lyrics of the song above. Then, answer the following questions. Discuss the answers in groups of twos or three students.

1. What does the title describe? What does the composer compare the world with?

The song title describes “the world is healed like a person”. The composer compares the world with a place in our hearts.

2. How does the composer describe the world that we live in now? Mention some phrases from the lyrics that can support your answer.

The composer describes the world that we live in now as a place where a lot of people are dying. It is supported by the lyric “There are people dying, if you care enough for the living, make a better place for you and for me”.

3. What dream does the singer have about this world? Quote some phrases from the lyrics.

The dream that the singer has about this world is to make the world become a better place. It is supported by the lyric “Heal the world, make a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race”.

4. How can the dream be realized? Show the lines that tells so.

The dream can be realized “If you care enough for the living. We start living. Then it feels that always love’s enough for us growing. Let our spirits never die. Create a world with no fear. Together we’ll cry happy tears.”

5. What is one thing that can solve problems in this world?

One thing that can solve problems in this world is “Create a world with no fear”

6. What do you understand about these lines: “make a little space make a better place …”

Make a little space and make a better place (for other people) can be in the form of giving help, doing good deed, or having good intention, etc.

Usai menyimak pemaparan diatas, kini kamu makin mahir menguasai seputar materi “Selfishness strangles the growth of friendship among us in this class“.

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