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Letter to God Reading Text | Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11

Teman KOCO, yuk kita simak Letter to God reading text pada materi Reading Enrichment Chapter 5 Benefit of Doubt di bawah ini. Setelah itu, kita akan sama-sama menjawab pertanyaan pada bagian post-reading activity, mulai dari nomor 1, yakni “Do you think it is important to have faith? Why? Give reasons to support your answer.” hingga nomor terakhir. Selamat menyimak!

“Letter To God” Reading Text

letter to god reading text enrichment - lengkap jawaban activity Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11

Rancho’s house – the lone house in the entire valley – was on the crown of a low hill. From the pinnacle of the hill, one could see the rapid flowing stream and next to it vast fields of ripe corn in between the red kidney bean flowers. Looking at it one could predict that it was going to be good harvest but it needed a rainfall, however brief.

All through the morning, Rancho kept scanning the sky for signs of rainfall and he was quite confident that it would rain. “You know, woman, now we are finally going to get some rain.” His wife, who was busy preparing food, replied: “Yes, God willing.”

As soon as Rancho’s family, his wife and sons, sat for dinner, just as he had predicted big drops of rain started falling. In the northeast, huge clouds were covering the sky like a blanket. The air had the smell of rain combined with the smell of fresh earth. The atmosphere at that time was absolutely heavenly. The boys left their food on pretext of getting one thing and another. All they wanted was to get wet and play in the rain.

Rancho was very happy as he looked at his field, “Ah! Now my harvest is going to be wonderful.” He started dreaming about all the things he will be doing once he sells the crops. Suddenly heavy winds began to blow accompanied by big drops of rain, which looked like huge pearls of ice. “Oh my God! This can’t be happening,” he thought. “NO!! NO!! I will be destroyed. This is no rain, it is a hailstorm. I hope it will pass soon.” But in front of his family, he kept a strong front and said, “I am sure it will pass soon, don’t worry.”

Unfortunately it didn’t. The hailstorm lasted the whole night. It destroyed the entire field of his precious crops. Everything looked so white as if someone had thrown sacks and sacks of pearls all over the place.

Rancho and his wife were worried to death. Everything they had was destroyed and they had no inkling as to what they will do.

The boys asked them, “What are we going to do? Everything is destroyed. We don’t even have few pieces of corn or beans. Does this mean we are going to die of hunger?” Rancho said, “My sons, nobody dies of hunger. Always remember we have God. I am sure he will help us.”

All through the night, Rancho kept on thinking how to ask for help from God. “God knows everything but I think I should write to Him and ask directly what I want.”

Rancho was thankful for the day his parents had sent him to school. Even though he wasn’t interested in studies, he had grudgingly learnt to read and write. So he took out paper and a pen and started writing.

letter to god 2 - lengkap jawaban activity Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11

He put the letter inside an envelope and addressed it to “God, 7th Heaven” and placed a stamp on it and dropped it in the mailbox. The workers at the post office were preparing the letters to mail when they came across the letter addressed to God. The postman who came across this letter became curious because he had never seen a letter addressed to God.

He wanted to open the letter but his job ethics stopped him from doing so. He decided to take the letter to the Postmaster. The Postmaster was a very nice and kind gentleman. He always helped people in any way he could. When the postman gave him the letter, he looked at it and said, “It takes a man with strong faith to start a communication with God. I wish I had such strong faith.

After much thought, he decided to read the letter and perhaps reply it. He opened Rancho’s letter. Little did he know that replying the letter would need more than good intention, a pen and paper. Rancho needed a lot of money but the postmaster didn’t have any. Since he had already decided to help Rancho, he decided to give part of his salary, and he asked his friends and co-workers to contribute. But it was impossible for him to collect 100 pesos. He was happy that at least 70 pesos were collected. So he put the money in an envelope and signed it as “God” and asked the postman to deliver it to Rancho’s house.

When the postman arrived at Rancho’s house and delivered the letter to him, Rancho was exhilarated beyond means. And he kept repeating Thank you God! Thank you God! I knew you wouldn’t let me down.

Rancho had very strong faith in God. He was not surprised when he opened the envelope. But as he was counting the money, he became very angry. God couldn’t have made a mistake in sending the money. So he took out paper and wrote to God again. Then he placed a stamp on it and put it in the mail box. When the postman took the letter out, he immediately took it to the Postmaster. The Postmaster quickly opened the letter and everyone in the post office gathered a round him wanting to know what Rancho wrote to God.

letter to god 3 - lengkap jawaban activity Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11

Jawaban “Letter To God Reading” Text Activity

Post-Reading Activity Discussion Questions

1. Do you think it is important to have faith? Why? Give reasons to support your answer.

I think its important to have faith. Faith, at its core, is deep-rooted in the expectation of good things to come. It goes beyond hope. While much of hope lives in the mind, faith is steeped in the heart and the spirit. It can’t be explained away by reason or logic, or be understood through a single dimension.

While life can be hard at the best of times, faith is the knowledge, deep down inside, that things will get better. It’s taking the next step when you can’t see the entire staircase. Simply put, life would fail to have reason if we didn’t have faith (source: wanderlustworker)

2. Do you think it was justified on Rancho’s part to consider the post office employees as a bunch of thieves? Discuss.

No, I don’t think so. Rancho shouldn’t be prejudiced and accuse others. Rancho should have thanked the post office employees for helping him.

3. Do you think Rancho did the right thing by asking God for help? Discuss.

Yes, I do. But, Rancho shouldn’t just ask and do nothing. Because prayer must be accompanied by efforts. And after that, if god has answered his prayer, he has to be thankful for that.

4. When people go through difficult times, they come out of difficult times stronger and more experienced. Do you think it is God’s way of empowering people to fulfill the life’s purpose on earth? Discuss and give reasons to support your answer.

Yes, I do. Because with trials, we can see one’s effort in facing the trials that befall, whether they strive or give up.

5. What do you think of Rancho? Do you sympathize with him and his family? Discuss.

I think Rancho is a patient man. Yes, I do. Even though his farm was destroyed, he didn’t give up easily because he has a strong faith.

6. Did you anticipate that the story would end like this? What were your thoughts about the ending?

No, I didn’t. I think the ending is a plot twist. I thought Rancho would at least be grateful for what he got. Instead, he accused the post office employee of thieving.

7. We always pray to God asking for His help. Describe a time when you asked God for something but he answered your prayer in a way you had not anticipated. How did you feel? Were you happy the way things turned out to be?

There was a time when I felt so hungry. I didn’t have any pocket money left. I prayed silently in my heart to god for some food. Then, when I was walking, I found money Rp6.000 on the road. At first, I had a doubt because it wasn’t my money, but because I was hungry I used the money to buy a chocolate for Rp3.000 and donated the rest into a charity box in the mosque. I felt so happy. Yes, I was. Because god has answered my prayer in the most unexpected way.

8. If you had a chance to rewrite the story, how would the story end? Write a new ending of the story.

If I had the chance to rewrite the story, I would create a good ending where Rancho found out that it was the post office employee and the postmaster who had helped him in his difficult time. So, he will apologize for accusing them and also be grateful to them for helping him (source: brainly)

Usai menyimak pemaparan diatas, kini kamu makin mahir menguasai seputar materi “Letter to God” reading text.

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