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Jawaban Online School Registration | Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12

Teman KOCO, yuk kita simak jawaban Online School Registration reading text pada materi Reading Enrichment Chapter 6 di bawah ini. Setelah itu, kita akan sama-sama menjawab pertanyaan pada bagian post-reading activity, mulai dari nomor 1, yakni “What is the main problem faced by the parents?” hingga nomor terakhir. Selamat menyimak!

Pengertian dan Tujuan News Item

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What is a News Item?
News item text is a text which informs readers about events of the day. The events are considered newsworthy or important. It means if there is an important event that should be known by many people, then this event deserves news.

Teks item berita adalah teks yang menginformasikan pembaca tentang peristiwa hari itu. Peristiwa tersebut dianggap bernilai berita atau penting. Artinya, jika ada suatu peristiwa penting yang harus diketahui banyak orang, maka peristiwa tersebut layak diberitakan.

What is the purpose of News Item?
● To inform the readers about newsworthy or important events of the day

● To present information the readers about newsworthy or important events of the day

● Untuk menginformasikan kepada pembaca tentang berita atau peristiwa penting hari ini

● Untuk menyajikan informasi kepada pembaca tentang berita atau peristiwa penting hari ini

Struktur Penulisan News Item

Generic Structure
● Main Events / Newsworthy event(s): it recounts the event in summary form.

● Elaboration / Background event(s): they elaborate what happened, to whom, in what circumstance

● Resource of Information (Source) : it contains comments by participants in, witnesses to and authorities expert on the event

● Main Events / Newsworthy event(s): ini menceritakan peristiwa dalam bentuk ringkasan.

● Elaborasi / Latar belakang peristiwa: mereka menguraikan apa yang terjadi, kepada siapa, dalam keadaan apa

● Sumber Informasi (Sumber) : berisi komentar peserta, saksi dan ahli yang berwenang atas peristiwa tersebut

Kaidah Kebahasaan

Language Features
● Focusing on circumstances (using a simple language in writing the text)

● Using saying verbs: “….”, She said, informed, told, reported.

● Sometimes at the beginning of news, the scene is mentioned : Jakarta – … .. / Kuala Lumpur – …

● Using Past tense in explaining news events. But if it is a fact that until now still happen or still in the form of fact, then can use simple present tense.

● Short, telegraphic information about story captured in headline

● Using adverbs: time, place and manner.

● Uses of material processes to retell the event

Pengertian dan Contoh Direct Speech

What is Direct Speech?
Direct Speech is a sentence that is said by a speaker as is without any modification from the other party. In Indonesian, direct speech can be interpreted as “Kalimat Langsung”.

Direct Speech adalah kalimat yang diucapkan oleh penutur apa adanya tanpa adanya modifikasi dari pihak lain. Dalam bahasa Indonesia, tuturan langsung dapat diartikan sebagai “Kalimat Langsung”.


“First, my daughter was rejected because of her height, and now due to technical issues, she can’t register at any school. I just want to get her into a good school,” he said, adding that he hoped the agency could solve the problems as soon as possible.

Pengertian dan Contoh Indirect Speech

What is Indirect Speech?
Indirect Speech (also called Reported Speech) is a sentence that is said to convey the words of others. Therefore, the sentence does not have to exactly match what the first person said but of course the meaning does not change. In Indonesian, indirect speech can be interpreted as an indirect sentence.

Indirect Speech (disebut juga Reported Speech) adalah kalimat yang dikatakan untuk menyampaikan perkataan orang lain. Oleh karena itu, kalimatnya tidak harus sama persis dengan apa yang dikatakan oleh orang pertama namun tentu saja maknanya tidak berubah. Dalam bahasa Indonesia, Indirect Speech bisa diartikan sebagai kalimat tidak langsung.

Lasro Marbun, head of the Jakarta Education Agency, said that anyone who did not re-register in the public admission phase and was unable to register during local admission or third admission, could register their children at private schools.

Contoh News Item – Online School Registration

jawaban online school registration
jawaban online school registration 2
jawaban online school registration 3
jawaban online school registration 4

Jawaban Online School Registration

Post-Reading Activity Discussion Questions

1. What is the main problem faced by the parents?

Their sons/daughters were not accepted in the public schools due to the online registration system.

2. Why did the parents feel disappointed with the online system?

The parents faced some technical problems related to the online system which according to them was disorganized.

3. Who was rejected from school due to his/her height?

Riki Setyanto’s daughter was rejected from the school due to her height.

4. What happened to Nuraisyah Paransa’s son?

Nuraisyah Paransa was unable to register her son at any state-run high school due to some technical problems. He was initially accepted at East Jakarta public school through the public admission phase.

However, he did not re-register with that school as he wanted to shoot for a better state-run school through the local admission phase.

5. Mention some technical problems in the registration using the online system.

A student was not accepted in the second school because her name was still listed for the first school.

6. What makes the online system problematic this year?

This year’s student admission system might be problematic since it has three phases in which no good coordination happens there.

7. Why do people prefer public schools to private schools?

People prefer public schools to private schools due to financial reasons.

8. If you were one of the parents, what would you do to deal with the problems in the online system?

If I were one of the parents, I would make a complain as well to be sure nobody is getting disadvantage from this problem.

9. What do you think about the acting governor’s response to the parents’ protests?

In my opinion it’s good because it will not trigger more worried parents as they have been told to be patient and not panic, as long as the government are fixing the system.

10. If you were the acting governor, how would you respond to the parents’ concerns?

If I were the acting governor, I would tell them to keep calm and place their complain so it can be fixed as soon as possible.

Usai menyimak pemaparan diatas, kini kamu makin mahir menguasai seputar materi “Online School Registration” reading text.

Oiya, Minco alias Mimin KOCO juga mau kasih bocoran, nih kalau KOCO Star juga menyediakan media pembelajaran jika kamu masih butuh penjelasan yang lebih lengkap lagi. Langsung klik gambar banner ini, ya!

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